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Lehrburger-Monahan article

Sacred EquinoX script 45pp.

Mithraic Anubis, P. Leonard

archaeology as a dynasty

No Flat Ogham myth busted

January 2000 cover story

Dismissive Archaeology Volunteer Advocates
For a couple of years now I have been pestered by these people with their "ogams", with drawings and colour photographs and slides and "interpretations" of the "inscriptions"; and have been wondering whatever is happening to scholarship in the U.S.A. — Celtic Chair Kenneth Jackson, University of Edinburgh
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For archaeologists, the question is settled. There's not support for the idea of ogham writing. — Michelle Stevens, Forest Service archaeologist, Comanche National Grasslands regarding inscription at Colorado's Crack Cave within view of Oklahoma, reported by Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper
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There are no professional archaeologists who would take these claims seriously. — Anthropology prof. Doug Bamforth, CU Boulder — see Colorado Daily PDF article
ᚌᚏᚍ ᚆᚆᚆᚆᚆᚆ ᚋ ᚈᚇ ᚌᚍ ᚇᚄ ᚆᚋᚇ ᚋ ᚉᚈᚇ Grian se mi tuad, guin deas haimead mi caitid.
Grian sé mhí thuaidh, theas ansin mhí eile.
Sun 6 months north, south months other.
Barry Fell retired Harvard prof./author
doc script page 7 timecode 10-10½ minutes
speaking at Oklahoma Anubis Cave complex
Robert Meyer Professor of Celtic
Catholic University of America, Wash. DC
It is certainly true Ogham.
doc script page 36 @52:42-52:44
speaking at Oklahoma Anubis Cave complex
— the linguist who broke the Maya script David H. Kelley Professor Emeritus of Archaeology, University of Calgary
I think there are several reasonably clear Oghams, translatable as Celtic in this cave and that and this one along
doc script page 42 @63:26-63:42
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