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Sacred EquinoX
ᚄᚐᚉᚏᚓᚇ ᚓᚊᚒᚔᚅᚑᚙ
independent documentary submitted for consideration by film festivals
Sacred EquinoX indicts archaeology, anthropology for ignoring pre-Columbian exploration into mid-America in August 471
trailer 1 Chinese & 4 European constellations in Oklahoma 2:24
7 heliolithic alignments on equinoxes and cross-quarters 3:00
teaser 7 heliolithic alignments on equinoxes & cross-quarters 3:00
prequel late 80's Irish survey certifies FLAT Ogham 15:10 SD

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golden moments of precise alignments twice a year, weather permitting
learn how mainstream archaeology sidesteps science
enjoy archaeoastronomy.com — rich with data and features
online sources: perverted peer review in archaeology, medicine, climatology
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