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Sacred EquinoX
ᚄᚐᚉᚏᚓᚇ ᚓᚊᚒᚔᚅᚑᚙ
Sacred EquinoX indicts archaeology for ignoring Gaelic writing and sundials in America carved August 471 and before
trailer one Chinese and four European
constellations carved in Oklahoma 2:24

equinox and cross-quarter solar alignments archaeologists ignore
teaser equinox and cross-quarter solar
alignments archaeologists ignore 3:00
Monahan in 1987 on Mt.Callan
prequel proof of Flat Ogham
denied by archaeology 15:11
icon of 2017 solar eclipse near Riverton WY
2017 Solar Eclipse
Riverton, WY 4:47

fact check Sacred EquinoX's 2 sentence pitch, annotated
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Smithsonian's Dennis Stanford: When you dig deeper than Clovis a lot of people do not report it
because they're worried about the reaction of their (archaeological and anthropological) colleagues.

commentary mainstream archaeology sidesteps science to protect its dogma
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